6 Figures in 6 Months

A Quick Guide to Growing Your Revenue

How I made 100k in 6 months

Congratulations on taking the leap into entrepreneurship and finding success with your lawncare business! This ebook aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in the art of contract bidding, allowing you to secure lucrative contracts and accelerate your revenue growth. By mastering the process, you can create opportunities to scale your business and achieve the financial and time freedom you desire. This quick guide will provide you with practical steps to become eligible for bidding on contracts and increase your chances of winning.

In 2013 I quit my full time salaried job with benefits to start a Lawncare company from scratch. When I left my job my only plan was to not work for someone else again. To have money and time freedom. Being an entrepreneur can be harder than working a normal job, one reason is you eat what you kill! So I had to hunt and kill everyday to eat...until I found a large enough kill to last a while, which in turn eliminated hunting everyday, which in turn freed up a lot of time. The large kill Im referring to is a $60,000 contract I landed for a 6 month term that I won 2 consecutive years. My salary at my job I quit was $30,000 per year, the contract was 60k for 6 months, so I made double my salary in half the time!! This ebook is a quick guide on how to become eligible to bid on contracts to grow your revenue.